Feeling grumpy

Annoyingly the prospective lodger didn’t turn up last night. Only 2 of the 4 have so far. One girl arrived with her boyfriend in tow. She seemed nice but asked if he could stay over a few times each week. We had already decide this was a no-no. It is a single room and I don’t want two lodgers for the price of one. We have said we will only take a woman because my daughter feels uncomfortable meeting a strange man in the kitchen in his dressing gown in the morning. She is only 18 and doesn’t really want a lodger at all. 

There was a Polish girl I really liked but she ideally wanted a studio flat and has now found one. I also had a lady ask if we would rent to her 70 year old mother. I don’t fancy a retiree as they will be in the house all the time. I would also feel responsible for her welfare and I don’t want that. Oh well, hopefully somebody suitable will come along soon. 

I am also grumpy trying to get my daughter added to my car insurance. I am using Compare the Market and thought I had found a good quote. I planned to buy it on one credit card and then transfer the balance to my other 0% interest one. However they upped the quote by £65 when they found I had attended a speed awareness course last year. I was furious! One ticket in over 30 years of driving  and that makes me a risky driver. I have already taken my punishment of £100 and lost a day to attend the course, which already made me mad, and now this. I wouldn’t mind if I was a girl racer but far from it! I told them to stick it and have gone back to square one. 

My daughter will be paying the extra herself now that she is a working girl. Just as well as I can’t afford £1000 a year for my car insurance. I paid £160 last year.

I can’t even work out my frustration in the garden as it is currently pouring. I think I need to do some yoga!

On the plus side we all really enjoyed the film last night, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. If I do finally get my insurance through Compare the Market I will be able to use their two for one cinema offer and maybe we will go more often. We hardly ever do! Ok, back to finding a great deal…

7 thoughts on “Feeling grumpy

  1. Many years ago I had my daughter put on my insurance ( free for 90 days per year) through the Owners club of the manufacturer. I don’t know what sort of car you have but this may be a possibility.

    • Hi. Are you sure you have to declare the speed awareness course? As far as I understood it once you’ve had the letter to say you’ve completed it the police consider the offence null and void, hence why it doesn’t go on your licence unless you reoffend with 3 years. I took the course 4 years ago and the organisers were very cagey when asked if attendence had to be declared. Not legally so it was a personal decision. If you were directly asked by an insurance company then you really should admit to it. If they didn’t ask well……. You may have been told different, it seemed to be a grey area and may have changed since? .Personally I kept quiet and just hoped I would get thru the 3 years w/o another ‘offence’!

  2. You are right to hold out for the right person for your room. Someone who only wants Mon to Fri would be ideal. Never mind, you have one consolation, you have a hunky hubby :o)

  3. Oh I do so feel your pain on the car insurance. I just “gave up” being retired after 4 years and took on a part time shop job. I informed the insurance company who promptly increased my insurance by £50 a year. Apparently, I am more likely to have an accident now I work because I will No longer be retired. I pointed out that I will, in fact, be driving LESS than when retired as I live near to the shop and do not use the car to get to work. Since I will be at work for half the week, I will not be driving out and about during that time. I have been driving for 40 years and have maximum no claims. How absolutely ridiculous.

  4. Hi Jane

    Have you considered advertising your room at a local hospital. I used to nurse and there is always staff such as Registrar doctors (female) or nurses looking for accommodation. They have responsible jobs and tend to work alot of weekends and evenings. MIght suit you.

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