Feeling grateful

I went to see my parents again today, partly to check on my mum and partly to see my dad before he goes in for his op tomorrow. My mum is doing really well with her new hip. Tough as old boots, that one. Her younger sister is staying with them to help out whilst my dad is in hospital. We could have done without both their operations coming within 10 days of each other, but what can you do? All the family is pulling together to support them, which is exactly what families should do. I am so grateful to have such lovely relatives!

My parents have always been so supportive so all of us so now it is pay back time 😀. 

I made a quick mushroom quiche and took it round for lunch, with new potatoes and salad. I don’t know why I don’t make pastry more often. It’s easy peasy really. We had some lovely strawberries from Lidl for dessert. I would have bought some of their gorgeous pastries to take but I am still off the sugar.

I have been catching up with myself all afternoon but now is time to curl up with Mr S and a glass of G&T. We are wild on a Saturday night! Whatever you are doing, have a good one!

12 thoughts on “Feeling grateful

  1. What a lovely family! Hope both parents recover quickly. Can I ask a huge favour please? I want to start making quiches. Do I have to blind bake the cases first and if so, how? Do you have the recipe? I was in Morrison’s last night and picked up reduced to clear milk so this would be a good way to use it up.

    • Good luck for your parents’ recovery. I’m sure they appreciate their lovely daughter as much as you appreciate them as lovely parents.
      Quiche is a favourite of mine, but I often make the Slimming World version which is basically filling without pastry. It’s passable but not the same….I really like pastry!

  2. Lovely picture of your parents Jane.
    Glad your mum is doing well. I hope your dad’s op goes as smoothly.
    I’m sure they really appreciate your yummy home cooking and support.

  3. What a lovely photo of your parents! I’m glad everyone is pulling together and that your mother is doing well. The best to your Dad and a swift recovery for him as well. Enjoy your evening.

  4. What a lovely photo of mum and dad.
    Difficult mum and dad going through surgery at the same time, but on the upside they will recouperate together, getting stronger day by day,xx

  5. That is a lovely photo of your parents, and well done them on coming through surgery. And yes, it’s lovely when families pull together, isn’t it? We are of your parents’ generation and our two sons and their wife/partner are wonderful, too. I do feel for people with estranged families, I find that very sad.
    The quiche looks yummy. I always make my own pastry, nothing could be more simple than knocking together some short-crust, why buy the ready made? I can understand when it comes to the more faffy puff pastry, but not simple short-crust, just remember it’s just half fat to flour and keep everything, including the water with which you bind it together, really icy cold.
    Margaret P

  6. What a lovely picture of a good looking couple. You are your Mum’s double! Hope all goes well with their ops and recovery-they look appy and healthy in this photo-I smiled back at them whenever I opened the blog this morning! Catriona

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