Feeling a little deflated…

So, people, this is why you need a contingency fund….Yesterday I thought perhaps I had a slow puncture and would get a repair done this morning, but then I woke up to this:flat tyre

Luckily Mr Shoestring was around so shot off to get his compressor and put enough air in the tyre for me to get round to the fast fit place to get a new one. I was persuaded that both of my back tyres were pretty bald, so ended up paying for two new ones.

I am early enough in my journey to sorting out my finances that I don’t have a contingency fund and this had to come out of my current account. Not fantastic this close to Christmas, but it can’t be helped. I need my car to get to work!

So I need to squeeze my budget even more this month to get through with no overdraft and still paying off a chunk of my credit card bill. I reckon I can do it. I will be using up what is in the cupboards, eating lots of veggie food and spending as little money as I can get away with 🙂

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