Favourite recipe books

I was scouring my pile of recipe books last night for inspiration for this weeks frugal meal planning and it occurred to me how few are less than about 10 years old! I have my favourites that I refer to again and again, and now I get so much culinary inspiration on the internet I don’t really need to buy any more.

I was vegetarian for 16 years in my youth and, although I eat meat now I could happily live without it, and still eat a lot of veggie food. Generally it is healthier and much cheaper. So lots of my favourites are vegetarian plus some cookery stalwarts like Delia Smith. I want food to be easy to prepare and contain reasonably priced ingredients. I don’t have the time or money to faff about when cooking!

These are my top cookery books in no particular order:

The Cranks Cookbook
Entertaining with Cranks
Complete Cookery Course, Delia Smith (not so impressed with Frugal Food)
Healthy Cooking for Kids, Carole Handslip
Vegetarian Cooking, Carole Handslip
Vegetarian Kitchen, Sarah Brown
The Goode Kitchen, Shirley Goode
The Cancer Prevention Cookbook

These are just off the top of my head as I sit at work having my lunch. What books can you recommend? Which have you used until the pages have fallen out?