Family Sunday

No wonder my 52 projects plan has fallen by the wayside. There is always too much going on!

We had a lovely family day in the garden today to celebrate some birthdays – mine and my sister’s. As I am one of four siblings and we all have partners and children there were a lot of us – 18 in all with only one missing as he is in Thailand (my nephew).

I made a load of chilli and rice – always good for feeding a crowd, my Mum brought a chicken curry and my brother a veggie pasta bake. We had lots of bread and salad and cake, and plenty of wine to help wash it down. There really was a lot of food so we will be eating leftovers for dinner tomorrow too. I had planned to take a picture of the table, but in all the chaos I forgot.

The garden looked lovely in the sunshine, though, so here is a pic of that, plus some of the hoards 🙂 I may moan about the garden being lots of work, but it is nice when everybody is here.


family1 family 2

0 thoughts on “Family Sunday

  1. dreamer

    Looks like a lovely day and a great time with your family. Much better weather than we are having in Scotland, wet windy and grey here today 🙂

  2. Julie

    looks like it was a wonderful day! I love spending time with my family. My eldest daughter is out in Thailand as well – teaching English. I have a son that travels the world as a musician – one son lives with his girlfriend and finally my youngest daughter who lives at home. So we make the most of it when we can all get together!! Enjoy your family – they grow up so fast.