Family Sunday

No wonder my 52 projects plan has fallen by the wayside. There is always too much going on!

We had a lovely family day in the garden today to celebrate some birthdays – mine and my sister’s. As I am one of four siblings and we all have partners and children there were a lot of us – 18 in all with only one missing as he is in Thailand (my nephew).

I made a load of chilli and rice – always good for feeding a crowd, my Mum brought a chicken curry and my brother a veggie pasta bake. We had lots of bread and salad and cake, and plenty of wine to help wash it down. There really was a lot of food so we will be eating leftovers for dinner tomorrow too. I had planned to take a picture of the table, but in all the chaos I forgot.

The garden looked lovely in the sunshine, though, so here is a pic of that, plus some of the hoards 🙂 I may moan about the garden being lots of work, but it is nice when everybody is here.


family1 family 2