Fabulous Frugal Friday

Welcome to Frugal Friday, where I sum up my week.

Grocery challenge

I am continuing on my £35 a week grocery challenge. Week 1 we came in under target at £27.86. This week I have gone a bit over. This is because I sent darling daughter to do the shopping! She spent £41. Never mind, we are winning overall so far. We also have two meals worth of meat to take us forward into next week so I will put off shopping again until Monday rather than tonight. A really Frugal Friday!

The Lodger hunt

I have had one potential lodger visit this week and another had a virtual tour of the house from her base in Germany. I really liked the second one. She has a couple of other places to look at closer to where she really wants to be, so not sure whether she will come to us. I have another foreign student calling tomorrow and another local lady coming on Tuesday. I have had quite a lot of interest, but students don’t realise how far we actually are from the university (5 miles) so this has put some people off. We would suit someone just working in town, ten minutes away.

Feedspot Top 100 Frugal Blogger

I was pleasantly surprised today to receive an email telling me I was no. 53 in the Feedspot list of Top 100 Frugal Blogs on the internet. I don’t even remember submitting my blog for consideration but I guess I must have! There are some brilliant blogs on the list. A lot are American, but they look very interesting. You can sign up for Feedspot here.

Frugal food

I have been cooking a lot of cheap and easy meals this week.  For example, we have had tuna pasta bake, cheesy spinach frittata, Spanish chicken in rice (using a jar I found lurking at the back of the cupboard. Lidl’s own and very tasty) and  vegetable pilaff, I have used a lot of veg from the garden, including in courgette soup, which I have had for my lunch most days at work. We have eaten very little meat, which definitely helps us stick to the budget. I do have sausages and burgers to take into next week so hope to keep below budget on the grocery challenge.

I mentioned in my August monthly goals post that I was hoping to increase my following on Twitter (@shoestringjane), Instagram (@shoestringcottage) and Facebook. Well, I have a bit this week. Thank you if you are one of those who followed me.

We have very little planned this weekend as the rest of the month will be super busy. I am hoping for a bit of nice weather for some gardening and to perhaps get to a boot sale. How are you doing this frugal Friday and how has your week been?

7 thoughts on “Fabulous Frugal Friday

  1. I’m one of your newer readers, wandered over from Meanqueen a few weeks ago…. I had finished reading her blog from the very start right up to date and needed a replacement fix for my evenings! So I’ve been reading all of yours. Great blog, slightly different take to Ilona so some new and interesting ideas, thanks. It’s interesting that there is no “one size fits all” to being Frugal, we all have our own take on things. And this often changes as the time passes and peoples lives change. It’s something that is possibly more visible when reading a blog from start to finish – to see the journey. It’s great fun!
    Look forward to keeping up with your story 🙂

  2. Have just followed you on Twitter, so that’s one more! Saw a recipe recently for courgette scones and it made me think if you and all your courgettes. We only grew two plants one year in a grow bag, but we had enough ratatuoille that year to put us off it for life!

  3. Well done on being 53rd in that long list. I had a look at some of them but as you say mostly from the States. I keep thinking it’s a good job my blog isn’t still called Frugal in Suffolk – like I was at the start – as moving house twice in a year is about as un-frugal as you can get!
    Sue at The Cottage at the end of a Lane

    • You managed it because you are frugal, Sue! I still think of you as Frugal in Suffolk

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