Exhausted of colchester

I did a ton of jobs yesterday – I was shattered by teatime and had to collapse and watch tv in bed for a bit 😀.

I was in Aldi for 8, and home to start a deep clean of the house. Every room got a good going over, including the windows, skirtings and floors. We don’t have many carpets and the floors are mainly wood. Mr S has just been helping out with a house clearance and one of the things he saved for me was a steam mop. I am quite pleased with it. It cleaned quickly and well and dried much faster than when I use my old mop and bucket. A bonus is that it just used water, so no floor cleaner or chemicals needed.

Mr S has put some strips of plastic on the walls of our freshly decorated room by the back door where the cats love to scratch. I would rather not have them there but they look better than ripped up wallpaper.

They don’t usually scratch by the French doors but to be in the safe side I have out a big plant there. It is a money plant that desperately needed repotting anyway. I used a tester pot of green emulsion on it to tie it in with the green and cream theme. Quite pleased with that!

Our quick easy and frugal vegan tea was mushroom chasseur from A Girl Called Jack with crusty bread. It was delicious and I will definitely make it again. This really is one of my favourite recipe books and I recommend it. I signed up for Jack’s new one, Cooking on a Bootstrap, through Kickstarter, a crowd funding organisation. It was supposed to be published in May but no sign yet. I wish Jack would hurry up as I am hopeful this book will be another winner. 
We were so hungry I didn’t think to get a pic of the chasseur!

I am having Sunday lie in as I type this but we have a language student coming at lunchtime so I had better get going. I might even get a bit of weeding done before we have to collect her. Happy Sunday everyone!

4 thoughts on “Exhausted of colchester

  1. I ordered Jack’s ne book. As I know a bit of the publishing world, I thought her timleine was very agressive anyway, so will patiently wait and think it wil be worth it. My everything looks fresh-love the green pot. Well done.

  2. We have mainly wooden floors too & I love my steam cleaner, it’s quick & I like that no cleaning products are needed. My cat loves carpet & the one bedroom that has carpet in our house has come under heavy attack from her! The carpet is less than 2 years old & was quite expensive…..very frustrating! I hope your plastic wall guards & clever positioning of the plant work. I wish I knew how to prevent feline carpet destruction!

    • The same! I waited four years for a stair carpet and the cats wrecked it. We love them but….

      • I know…..we would like to get rid of the bedroom carpet but if we do the only carpet left is the stairs & landing & we don’t want the cat to trash that…. she’s already had a little go!

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