Everything’s coming up roses

imageI went to water the greenhouse last night and check my seedlings and was delighted to find that everything is germinating. The runner bean and squash plants that we were given by Mr Shoestring’s neighbour are going crazy. We must get the the runner bean frame up and everything in over the weekend even though the forecast looks cold and dreary.

imageI love this time of the year in the garden. Yes, there is too much to do and I never have enough time, but this is when you begin to see the rewards of your labours, and glimpse the future prizes: a warm tomato straight from the greenhouse; crunchy runner beans; courgette surprise at every meal … It’s a good job we love them! We are also growing more flowers this year to add some colour and scent, and to draw in the bees and butterflies.

We save so much money by growing our own food and flowers and it gives a warm glow of satisfaction to look around the garden bursting with life and know that we did it 🙂 Roll on summer!