Everything in the garden is rosy

foxglovesI am so happy with how the front garden looks in the sunshine at the moment. It is a colourful muddle of plants, either grown from seed, cuttings, self seeded, bought cheaply from various places or donated by friends and relatives.

orange flowersIt is certainly not tidy, but I don’t mind that. I don’t have time for a perfect, weed free garden, I just want a bit of colour and vibrancy, and lots of wildlife.

pinksThere is always so much to do and I am constantly frustrated that I have to work for a living instead of pottering around dead-heading, weeding and growing things! Anyone else got the gardening bug?

To prove I am easily pleased, I was delighted to come home the other day to find Mr S had put my eBay bargain roman blind up. It cost me one penny plus postage, is very nice quality and matches the upstairs curtains perfectly. 🙂

0 thoughts on “Everything in the garden is rosy

  1. Julia

    So pretty. What are the orange flowers in the second picture? They look a bit like Dianthus but I’m sure I’ve not seen orange ones before!!
    This is the sort of look I’m hoping to create in a new bed I’ve reclaimed, but have a lot of digging to do first, so maybe by this time next year….! 🙂

  2. ChickenladyJane Post author

    Thanks for the nice comments. Julia – I have yet to identify the orange plant. I think it came from mr S’s neighbours so need to ask them. It’s absolutely gorgeous whatever it is!

  3. Cynthia

    Beautiful flowers and a white picket fence = lovely! I have a bare spot in my front garden I am looking for free plants to fill but not having much luck.

  4. Karen

    Lovely pictures of your garden, I too have the bug. I collect free bits from Mum, things that overhang the footpath & even have taken small bits from public places, which is cheeky I know, but you’d never notice the tiny bits I took. I prefer the ‘let it grow’ look, love it actually. We went looking for a lost rose in our garden & it turns out that it is just hidden by other overgrown plants, think my to do list is growing!


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