Enjoying life’s little affordable luxuries

When you are on a tight budget it can feel a bit grim and relentless sometimes. When I start to find the going tough, I give myself a boost with a small treat. This could take the form of a long hot bubble bath, a glass or two of icy white wine, a bunch of Aldi’s fabulously good value flowers, a proper home pedicure, maybe even a supermarket takeaway if I can run to it.

For people who go out to eat or to the pub often or who can afford a weekly visit to the beautician these might seem silly. To me they are things that I enjoy and have the power to give me a boost.

The point is that, whatever your budget will run to, it is important to have the occasional treat, even if it’s just a bar of Cadburys!

What’s your favourite affordable luxury?

9 thoughts on “Enjoying life’s little affordable luxuries

  1. Aldi’s Moser Roth Mint Chocolate. It is delightful.

    I live in a village outside of Oxford – no takeaways that deliver here, one small pub, one tiny and expensive shop. The scope to go out is minimal, so a night out in Oxford is a special treat. I love Chinese food so that’s always my first choice. I am also learning to cook Chinese at the moment.

  2. Like you I love a little something and tend to opt for a beauty treat!
    I am pretty much a regular in the beauty part of my local college. A full hour luxury manicure or pedicure costs just £6 and the students do a excellent job whilst being watched and monitored by their tutor.
    I was really surprised at the high quality products the college buys in for the students to use, I certainly wouldn’t be able to run to the cost of the brand they use!
    I get my hair coloured, cut as well as book massages and waxing at the college as its just the fraction of the price of a salon and a lovely cheap treat as well as the students gaining experience 🙂

  3. The Lidl near me has opened a bakery and their pain au chocolat is heavenly. At 39p it is a very affordable treat.

  4. It’s got to be either a tray of perfectly cooked chips on the market (£1.10 each) or at the expensive end of the scale, a Chinese takeaway (£15 for three of us)!

  5. My little boost is a second hand book from a charity shop. It’s such a small thing, but because I use the library so much, it feels like a treat to buy!

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