En vacances in West Mersea 

Our new language student arrived yesterday, another one from the new French organisation I discovered this year. I am glad I found them as the rumour is that the long established college that has sent me students for several years is to close. They have had far fewer European students since the last recession and never really recovered it appears. What a shame. This has been a great source of extra income each summer.

Our new arrival is a French boy of 16. He seems nice and can speak English quite well already. He is also not a fussy eater and polished off the tray baked chicken I made last night. 

As it was such a lovely evening we took him for a drive to West Mersea, only half an hour away. It was absolutely beautiful there and we watched the crabbers as the sun went down.

He is only here for a week, then I have a break of a couple of weeks before my next and this time I have agreed to take two. This will involve setting up an extra bed but I think it will be worth it to get two lots of money in one hit. They may be the last students I get this year.

If you are ever in Essex take a trip to Mersea!

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  1. I lived in West mearsea back in the 1960s and recently took my grandsons there .very little has changed and a quick visit to the local lifebaot centre facinated my 12 year old grandson as the chapthere spent ages telling him lots of stories.A great place to go with a picnic lunch and a crabbing net ,bucket and line no matter how old you are

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