Elf and ‘appiness!

poppyVery proud of DD3 today. She has been trying to get a job in retail for ages but they are hard to get if you have no experience. She even applied to the local garden centre a while ago. They didn’t have any cashier jobs, but they were looking for Christmas elves to take the Christmas train around the grounds and show the little people into Santa’s grotto. Today she went for an interview-come-training day. Hopefully she will be offered the job and, who knows, it might give her a foot in the door for a sales job there in the future. Dressing up as a Christmas elf and standing in the cold for hours is probably not her dream position, and she is certainly already bored with our jokes about having to attend elf and safety training or this job leading to elf, wealth and happiness, but she is willing to have a go for a bit of pocket money for Christmas. That’s my girl, let’s hope she gets it 🙂

Talking of Christmas, I have started my shopping this week on-line. I have put quite a bit of money away so that this year I will not be worried about the cost. The girls are going to their Dad’s for Christmas Day, so dinner will be a quiet one for me and Mr S, and the cats of course. I have already brought Aldi’s Christmas pudding, as well as a 5 bird roast, which is in the freezer, and my bread and cranberry sauces from Approved Foods. I like to get ahead and spread the cost! It will be nice for a change, and we will all pile round my sister’s for a big celebration on Boxing Day, which will undoubtedly be extremely noisy. 🙂

poppy2What do you think of my knitted poppy? I thought it was really cute (not a great pic – I am no good at selfies!). I can’t take any credit for it though – a lady at work has made a load of them and is selling them to make money for the Royal British Legion, as this Sunday is Remembrance Sunday here in the UK.

Off to cook tea – Spanish omelettes and salad. Easy Saturday dinner!



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  1. Funny comments about the elves! I love the poppy crochet. I’m sure there is a pattern online somewhere. Have some Christmas shopping done, as I look for things all year, but need to check to see what I still need. Money is always good for the grandkids.

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