eBay Bargains

I have mentioned before that I love a bargain and I am definitely not too proud to wear secondhand clothes. At this time of year the boot sale season is a long way away, and I have no time to peruse the charity shops or fight my way through the Christmas shoppers. However, I am desperately short of decent work skirts at the moment so, having a few minutes spare before work this morning, I thought I would have a quick look at eBay. I didn’t expect to find much on there. But to my great surprise there were lots of nice looking skirts in my size coming to the end of auction with no bidders! Maybe this is the time to buy – everyone else is out Christmas shopping! I put very small bids on two skirts and have just found that I have won them both. With postage I paid £4 for a nice quality Marks and Spencer skirt and £4.50 for a fancy looking one from Spirit.

Let’s hope they fit me after a the Christmas cheer!

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