Eating out? It’s tempting, but…

It’s so tempting to spend loads going out to pubs and restaurants when there is a celebration or you just feel like a treat. My friends seem to do it all the time. A lunch out or cake and tea when they are shopping, maybe a meal followed by the pub five or six times a month. We hardly ever do this. The budget won’t allow it and I prefer to eat at home with friends and family anyway. I would rather do this than risk spending half my food budget on a single meal that might be less than satisfying. The pix are from a very nice meal out we had on holiday, so we do have the odd treat!

I also had two meals out over Christmas. One was absolutely fantastic, at a small family run Italian restaurant,  and one was mediocre meal at a well known pub chain. Because I so rarely treat myself to a dinner out I really resent paying for something I could do better -and vastly cheaper – at home. I emailed a letter of complaint to the latter a month ago but have so far heard nothing. Just remembered about this so will follow it up!

I do enjoy hosting the odd dinner party. It is quite possible to do this without breaking the bank – some home made soup, coq au vin and rice maybe, some fruit, cream and meringue. My low spend January won’t allow that this month but maybe next month.

If I had lots of money I would be happy to eat out more often I am sure. I don’t mind supporting someone else’s employment, especially if I don’t have to do the washing up!

What about you? Fancy dinner out?

9 thoughts on “Eating out? It’s tempting, but…

  1. I LOVE eating out. Not much bothered about dinner, but I really love a nice pub lunch. Sadly, like you, my budget doesn’t allow it very often. But about once every six weeks we do the two course £7.50 lunch at our local pub. Other than that, it’s a very occasional treat. I like to entertain but it won’t be happening this month as I’m on a post Christmas economy drive. I generally reckon that I can do a three course meal for us and two friends for under £20. I’ve managed £22 for six of us.

  2. I enjoy eating out for special occasions, but not on a regular occurrence. We went through a streak a few years back when it seemed like between lunches and suppers, it was 2-3 times per week, and nothing memorable. Hubs would like to eat out more often, but if I make dinner, he is equally happy, but I do get in ruts. We’re debating hosting a Super bowl Get together. I have loads of beer and wine left from Christmas and I think I could do a big pot of bean soup, sloppy joes and buns, coleslaw, popcorn, chips and salsa, veggies and dip and some brownies for under $40 if I shop from Aldi’s , and serve a huge crew-probably 15-20 people. This is if I get my house more in order by first weekend in February!

  3. I like your last posts. I will be moving to the U.K. soon and have used your blog to figure out what could be our food budget

  4. We only eat out on Birthdays and its Loch Fyne set menu. Maybe a pub lunch on holidays but that’s it. I certainly don,t do coffee shops. Exorbitant prices for tea coffee and cakes. When I am in charge of the country I am banning them. Ha ha. Mind you I work for that well known St Michael shop. So we may get a meal deal once in a while. I get discount and we go half price. ( partner and I).

  5. I have a pub lunch once a month with my walking group, but try to keep my choice down to something cheap and light as it’s no fun having to walk a few miles on an overstuffed stomach! 😀

    Family eating out seems to have settled down to fish and chips once every 6 weeks or so, and an Indian takeaway for birthdays. As we always save half of our order (including fish for a butty the next day and some of the eleventy billion chips they give us for later in the week!) it lowers the cost per meal a bit, as it covers two dinners! 🙂

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