Early start, busy day

Yesterday I blogged about starting a penny jar to create a nest egg. I have already been chucking my coppers into an old sweet jar for a while  but not in any structured way. I spent about an hour counting my penny jar this morning and had over £15 to kick off my penny savings plan. A good start! I have bagged it up but won’t take it to the bank just yet. It occurred to me that you couldn’t really wait until the end of 12 months to bank all your coins – if you had managed to save £670 you would need a wheelbarrow pulled by a donkey to get it to the bank!! I will transfer it to a savings account as I hit £30 or so I think.

I woke up at 5 this morning – why do I always have to do this at the weekend? I gave up trying to get back to sleep and got out of bed at 6. It was lovely actually, so peaceful in the garden. I gave everything a water, hung the washing out then went in to do a yoga session whilst everyone else was still snoozing. 

We walked to the park this afternoon to meet up with some of the other students and their host families. It was quite pleasant sitting in the sunshine chatting whilst the students played football.

I am feeling a bit shattered now though! We are having chicken with olives for tea. I found the recipe in a magazine  and will post it if it’s any good. It smells nice. After tea I can see myself collapsing on the bed with a glass of wine. I need an early night!

2 thoughts on “Early start, busy day

  1. We save 1p, 2p and 5p coins in a jam jar. They mount up and every so often I count them up ( very therapeutic) and bank them. If the window cleaner comes when I’ve no other money in the house, he sometimes gets a few coin bags as payment – I don’t think he minds!!

  2. I was wondering how the chicken and olives came out… I am always searching for new ways with chicken and your pic looked delicious!!!

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