Dreaming of summer …

imageThanks for all the comments on my Aldi post yesterday – I was surprised that so many people felt the same way as me. I guess we are all sensible money-savers!

Goodness, the weather is grim here in Essex today. It is dark, wet and miserable. I am missing the sunshine and being able to get out in the garden. There are so many jobs to do out there but it has either been wet or freezing. I hope it is better for the weekend. In the meantime, the Secret Santa present I got at work cheered me up this morning – it is growing beautifully on the window sill. Stupidly, I threw away the box and can’t remember the name of the plant, but I think it was an azalea. We shall see when it flowers. I hope that it is soon to add a bit of joy to the gloom.

imageI am still keeping up the New Year’s resolutions – exercise, no alcohol or chocolate, putting money aside and sticking to my food budget. My plan tonight is to go home and do a big yoga session. I have practiced most days. Even 10 minutes makes a difference! I might even go crazy and clean out another cupboard to save me some time at the weekend.

I also need to make a nice birthday cake for DD3, who will be 17 at the weekend. I am not paying for a party this year, but have agreed to a takeout on Sunday. I will be checking out some recipes and trying to use what is in the cupboard.

In the meantime, some of my garden pictures will have to sustain me until I see the sun….



7 thoughts on “Dreaming of summer …

  1. I love reading your blog it’s giving some real incentive to start yoga and sort out my cupboards, I look forward to future reading xxx

  2. Absolutely fab blog, read it during my lunch break and brightens up my day. Love the sun flowers, although not sure if they would have lasted long at ours, between the chickens and the pigs no hope! Re. Aldi blog – Food snobbery always makes me smile – good food, cooked with love and shared with family and friends, is the my book is the key.

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