Don’t waste the bread ends!!

Take the leftover veggies...

Take the leftover veggies…

I had a super productive day yesterday. I cleaned the whole house, took DD3 to get her hair cut in town (we found a great little place that charges £10 for a cut and blow dry, and they were excellent), had a quick whizz around the charity shops and, as I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, I made chicken stock then used it to make Shoestring Cottage leftover veggie soup. This was delicious. I used some fresh veg – some sad looking celery, leeks from the garden and some carrots – but it mostly consisted of bits and pieces of mashed potato with an assortment of vegetables such as runner beans, peas, carrots and cabbage. I often cook too much, so I put the leftovers in old ice cream tubs in the freezer for this very purpose. I stuck a few lentils in too to thicken it up and it went down a treat. This should last us for lunch today and tomorrow as well.

...and make them into tasty soup!

…and make them into tasty soup!

Whilst I was on a roll I used up the ends of the bread and made some breadcrumbs in the food processor. These are great for stretching bolognese type sauces, for nut roasts and meatloaf, and for coating meat and fish. If I wanted them to be crisp I would  bake them in the oven for 10 minutes or so, but for now they are just in a big bag in the freezer. I don’t understand why anybody would buy breadcrumbs – certainly not the strange orange variety you often find in the shops. If you have a food processor they take literally seconds to make.

Stick the ends of the bread in the food processor...

Stick the ends of the bread in the food processor…

...and Bob's your uncle!

…and Bob’s your uncle!

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  1. Abi

    I keep a bread packet in the freezer that all the crusts and leftover stale bits get shoved into – occasionally it’ll get raided for the garden birds or the ducks on the river but I do make a lot of bread pudding!