Do you get your five a day?

imageThere was a bit of a kerfuffle in the media yesterday due to a new report recommending that the suggested amount of fruit and veg we consume daily is doubled from five to ten pieces a day. Listening to the varying views of the different health experts on the topic –  on top of last week’s revelations that saturated fat is not, after all, the evil it has been portrayed to be but instead  sugar is the problem – makes me wonder if we should listen to any of them at all!

As for eating ten pieces of fruit and veg a day, I confess I would struggle. Surely a balanced diet should also contain protein and carbohydrates? I’m not sure I could fit it all in.

At the moment I am making a big effort to be healthy. Yesterday’s diet consisted of a bowl of granola and a chopped banana, a Greek salad with a roll and a yogurt for lunch, and beef fajitas with onions, peppers and mushrooms and rocket for tea. I also ate a piece of melon and a handful of roasted sunflower seeds. The unhealthy things were a glass of white wine and two Jaffa cakes but I am not claiming to be perfect :-).

I think I had maybe 7 portions of the good stuff if I count the salad and dinner veg as two each. I am not sure I could have eaten much more of anything.

When I have less time I eat a sandwich rather than a salad for lunch, but tend to up my fruit intake to three pieces.

I heard a comment on one TV programme that people are not able to eat a lot of fruit and veg because it is expensive. I don’t find this to be the case. It is much less expensive than meat, for example, especially if you buy it from Aldi as I do or your local market.

How do you manage? Do you find it easy to get your five a day, and could you increase it to ten? How do you persuade your family to leave the crisps and eat healthy food? Is it affordable?

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  1. Sophie Cussen

    I read somewhere that 10 was always the intended target back in the 70’s but that they knew it would never take off so instead lowered it down to five as more manageable. The more veggies you can get the better however most fruit is high in sugar (unless it’s a berry) so that has to be kept in moderation if for example someone wanted to loose weight. Fruit is always seen as expensive and yet one apple is never going to be more than a bar of chocolate (I don’t think?!). Most boxed fruit and punnet fruit is expensive compared to a bag of multi pack crisps but at the end of the day it just comes down to choice. If you really like fruit and veg then you’ll pay for it. I’ve found I’ve increased my veggie intake by ditching bread/potatoes and other wheat/starch products but that’s just me – I love nothing better than a big steaming bowl of mixed veggies 🙂

  2. AuntLeesie

    I try to. Since the age of 16, I’ve had chronic digestive issues, so cooked veggies are easier on my system, along with canned fruit and fruit juices. I like to make vegetable soups… cream of broccoli, asparagus, carrot, etc. I add finely diced veggies to meatloaf and meatballs. I’ll spread fruit jams on waffles, pancakes or French toast. Most dinners we have cooked vegetables and salad. But 10 a day??? I’d have a tough time with that.

  3. Penniless Veggie

    Even on a vegetarian diet I’d be surprised if I managed a lot of fresh fruit and veg. A banana at breakfast, some cucumber and lettuce in a sarni at lunch and some green beans and new potatoes on the side of my plate at dinner is probably as much as I do on a very regular basis. Then again I’m only including veg that actually looks like veg – the ‘hidden’ veg is probably everywhere from sweetcorn and peppers in my homemade bean burgers to the carrots and onions in my lentil soup base. If we were to include fruit/veg that has been (simply) processed somehow, like sun-dried tomatoes in my couscous salad or pure apricot spread on my mid-morning piece of bread, then that would add more still. But to be honest I’m not quite sure what’s supposed to count and what doesn’t? If it’s just the veg that still looks like veg, I’d never get ten portions in me a day! I’m far too fond of my wholegrain carbs 🙂

  4. Julia

    Seeing as they said that potatoes, and I think I also read that frozen/tinned veggies, don’t count, then no, I’m not!!!

    I dislike eating fruit (or any desserts really) and my veggie intake consists of the lettuce, cucumber, tomato I can stuff into my lunchtime sandwich without it all falling out again, and the side of frozen veg that goes with the (some form of) potato and protein for dinner! I know my diet is carb heavy, but I don’t find heaps of veggies alone fill me up, hence the sandwich for lunch rather than a salad.

  5. thedomesticstoryteller

    I think it’s best to eat as many veggies as you can, snack on fruit and make sure you eat varied meals to get all of the other good stuff. I have seen people get obsessed with five a day, that they end up being deficient in another vital nutrient. I tend to think variety is best 🙂