Do diets work for you?

It’s that time of year again! We over indulge at Christmas, but it’s ok because we will go on a diet on January 1st….

I am rubbish at sticking to diets and find that following a strict regime tends to be expensive. I buy foods I would never usually buy and often can’t find what I need at Aldi or Lidl, my supermarkets of choice. I end up feeling hungry and hard done by and hit the chocolate from the machine at work during my mid afternoon slump. 

So no, I won’t be joining a slimming club or digging out my old Rosemary Conley books. But I would quite like to lose a few pounds so I will be avoiding lots of sugary and fatty foods and eating smaller portions. I will also be increasing the amount of walking and yoga I do. 

I will keep an eye on my weight by joining in the weekly weigh in at work and if I lose 1lb a week I will be happy. 

As I am keeping my food spend as low as possible and buying nothing that isn’t essential during my no spend January, I won’t allow myself to buy snacks from the machine at work. To keep me going I am taking in some rich tea biscuits and some sweet rice cakes for when I need some sugar!

I am not doing dry January, as many others are. I will aim for dry-ish January instead! I do like a glass of white wine at the weekend and as I won’t be spending any money on nights out I think this is ok. 

Anyone going for proper weight loss, or just being healthier and cutting back a little?

12 thoughts on “Do diets work for you?

  1. No not at all. But eating plant based and lots of it does. I lose the most amount when I eta this way but because it’s all plant based and vegan I really can eat tons with only positive repercussions.

  2. The only diet that truly worked for me was Weight Watchers Filling and Healthy.I could stick to it without trouble as everything I could eat I loved. It fell apart around the time we were starting to buy Bronllan because we didn’t know how ill Jon was. Unfortunately the nearest WW meeting is 14 miles from us but maybe I should make the effort?

  3. Faddy diets do not work. A healthy eating programme is more sustainable in the long run. Cut out or cut down on sugar. Reduce or cut out meat. Little treats fine but keep them little. Eat tons of veg.

    • You are really healthy Ilona. I am upping my walking but not sure I will hit your 1000 mile challenge .

  4. I’ve just re-started my on-going diet. It’s certainly not to everyone’s taste but it works for me, plus it’s helping me to keep my diabetes better controlled and has enabled my GP to halve my medication. I lost almost 3st on this diet in the summer of 2016 and my BMI was at last nearly normal at 26. I’m hoping to lose another 2st. The hard part is that it’s only 800 cals per day, but it’s all proper full fat food – so no special foods to buy in. I’ve tried all the diets before and for me this is the best one.

  5. Strict diets don’t work for me and I’ve been struggling for over 15 years. I too am hoping to move more, eat less, and accept snail pace weight loss.

  6. I don’t lose easily (1 lb a month is a good success rate for me!), but by the same token I don’t gain either, so I’m probably eating the right amount of calories for me.
    Saying that though, I tend to spend the first 3/4 of the year losing the same 5-10 lbs, and the last 1./4 putting it back on again! 2017 will be no different! *sigh*

  7. Portion control and cooking 90% of our food from starch – no processed food or snack food. We both want to loose a stone in 2017. Salt is my health problem which I must tackle this year.

  8. Slimming World works for me. …..and for thousands of others who need the discipline. It is a healthy eating plan and can be as expensive or inexpensive as you want to make it. For £4.65 a week it forms an important part of my social life as well as keeping me on track, and once I get to target it will be free of charge. The support at my group is fantastic and I have made some good and valued friends there.

  9. I’ve lost 20 kilos (44 pounds) over the last year simply by reducing portion sizes
    by a third and drinking less (I love good wine so alcohol free would never
    work for me!). It probably wouldn’t work for everyone but I already ate very
    healthily, I just ate too much.

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