Digging for Treasure (in the Rain)

It hasn’t stopped raining here today for more than 10 minutes at a time. We had hoped to spend the morning in the garden tidying up the veg patch, but we only managed an hour in the end. However, I did manage to dig up the remaining salad potatoes. They are lovely and there were loads – I felt as if I was digging for treasure!

spudsI also found another monster lettuce. No idea what variety they are (they were passed on by Mr S’s neighbour) but they are a large curly leaved sort that just get bigger and bigger rather than going to seed. One is too many for a single family in fact – I divided it into 4 lots to pass on to family. I also picked more courgettes and runner beans. I expect we will get sick of them at some point, but right now we are really enjoying them.

In anticipation of the harvest beginning, I bought no veg in Aldi this week, which meant I spent a lot less than usual. I did buy quite a lot of meat, including a joint of pork for a fiver that I roasted for lunch today. It fed 5 of us easily and there is loads left for tea so I think it was excellent value. The crackling puffed up beautifully. Even our student ate some of it with some roast spuds, although he couldn’t stomach the lovely roasted veg or the rhubarb crumble I made for pud. His loss!