A lovely day by the sea

I often wonder if we will end up living by the sea somewhere, we are drawn to the coast so often. Mr S absolutely loves it and will frequently  go in for a swim, no matter how cold it is!

Raising money for charity

Yesterday we took my parents to a fundraiser in their friend’s garden at Westcliff, near Southend on Sea. She was raising money for the Remus horse sanctuary.

It was a lovely event and well attended. There were charity stalls, a plant stall, crafts and a tombola, plus delicious refreshments, all at a great price. We had tea, sandwiches and cake in the garden, and were treated by my mum to pay for the petrol.

Mum and Dad knew lots of people there as they attend every year. As they were both ill earlier in the year, they no longer feel comfortable driving long distances. We didn’t mind taking them. It was the perfect excuse for a day by the sea!

Bargain hunting, for a change

I was drawn, of course, to the cat protection stall, where they were selling an enclosed litter tray for just £5. I have wanted one for the cats for ages to stop them kicking their litter all round the kitchen, so I snapped that up. Bargain!

day by the seaLeigh on Sea

We left them there chatting to everyone and took a drive down to old Leigh-on-Sea. It is such a pretty place for a stroll. We walked along the seafront to Westcliff, but then had to walk all the way back to get the car!

You have got to love a walk by the sea. There’s something about a huge sky and the sound of the sea that is so invigorating, no matter what the weather.  The clouds looked ominous at one point but the rain held off and the sun managed to break through.

A day by the sea was just what we needed to kick off a new week. The past one felt sad and stressful. I have a more positive outlook going into this one.

Did anyone else do anything fun at the weekend? Do you like a day by the sea?

6 thoughts on “A lovely day by the sea

  1. What a lovely time you had, and how providential to find an enclosed litter tray!
    I love living by the sea although I don’t go in it to swim (my swimming ability is very poor, in fact I would say I can’t really swim as I can’t tread water or float, but I once managed a length of our local pool, but that was truly grim determination!) And yesterday we were by the sea – well, river, actually, but on the River Teign estuary for a pub lunch, so both you and I had lovely by-the-water days yesterday! I hope the event raised lots of money for the charity.

  2. A day by the sea is a real treat. It really charges up the batteries and always leaves me with the feeling of a holiday even if it was only a day. There is something very life-affirming. Unfortunately we live just a few miles from the point in the UK which is furthest from the sea.
    I wish we had moved to the sea when my children were younger. Now having grandchildren nearby, I wouldn’t consider it…unless I could take the entire family with me!
    My father was brought up right beside the sea in Ireland and I love to visit the family there – it feels like my spiritual home.

  3. I went to Leigh a couple of weeks ago, its a really lovely place with lots of character and lovely albeit expensive houses. The weather was kind to us in Essex this weekend, I know lots of the country had rain. I live near the sea and we have beautiful beaches it would be hard for me to be anywhere else.

  4. I live close to Lake Superior in Michigan. It’s not a Sea, but that’s what I call it since it’s so vast. I walk by it every day just to have a look. We’ve been talking about moving to be closer to grandchildren. Hopefully, we’ll be able to find a spot near to water. It does smooth the soul.

  5. What a lovely day. I love Leigh on Sea and plan to visit soon on one of my frugal days out using my bus pass. We had a week at Holland on Sea recently and I had a splash about in the sea and just sat and watched the waves for ages. That is a beautiful picture.

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