Date night – valentines is coming!

It cannot have escaped your attention, that Friday is Valentine’s Day. Of course it is all just a big excuse for the shops to sell you cards and gifts and restaurants and hotels to squeeze as much of your cash out of you as possible; but everyone has got to make a living!

I am quite sure Mr Shoestring knows that I love him every day and probably wouldn’t mind if we ignored Valentine’s. However, there is nothing wrong with an ostentatious display of affection once in a while! We cannot afford diamonds and possibly not even flowers, but I will be making a nice meal for the two of us. I might even take advantage of one of the meal deals that all the supermarkets are running for the occasion. Sainsburys is advertising a two course dinner plus wine for a tenner, for example. Cheaper than eating out!

You can tell it's love!

You can tell it’s love!

The daughters are helpfully making themselves scarce for the evening so we will have the house to ourselves.

What about you? Any plans or will you just stick the TV on and ignore the whole thing?

3 thoughts on “Date night – valentines is coming!

  1. We’ve indulged in M&S’s £20 Valentine meal but will probably save the starter for another meal, possibly lunch. I’ve made DH some sweetmeats: almond & orange-flower water fudge, and chilli chocolate coated pecans.

  2. I would never face a restaurant on Valentine’s Day, they’re always too crowded/ We’re having a plate of home made nachos for dinner, then off to a concert this evening. I hope you have a lovely time celebrating!

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