Dark Days: Black Friday

What is wrong with the world when people queue from 5 am to get £80 off a TV, and are prepared to push old ladies over and wrestle strangers to get ‘a bargain’? Lots of us don’t have much money, but few of us would risk hurting other people in order to buy something we really don’t need at an even cheaper price than it was originally. I would rather buy a second-hand TV, or even not have a TV at all, than join the disgusting display of rampant consumerism and greed seen at some of the Asda stores today.

Did Asda really not know the likely outcome of their decision to bring a US style Black Friday event to the UK? Of course they did. Look at the publicity they got! It is all part of the buy buy buy for Christmas mentality being whipped up by big business, and the British Public are falling for it.

“If you live for having it all, what you have is never enough.”
― Vicki Robin

We are told we need to buy the best of food and drink, have a whole new wardrobe, spend vast amounts of money on family, friends and even your child’s teacher – and don’t forget you need a new sofa and bed for Christmas as well – because it is the season to be jolly, and they want your lolly!

Come the New Year, when the tinsel has been put away, the tree is on the compost heap and a huge excess of food has been thrown in the bin because our appetites don’t increase that much just because it is Christmas, a lot of people will have a huge hangover in the form of a massive credit card debt that they may not have paid off by the next festive season. This time I am not going to be one of them! I  bought Christmas presents last month – I am not at the point where I refuse to join in, tempting though it is. However, I am spending what I can afford to spend and have still paid a chunk of my credit card. I will do the same this month. Next year I will be organised and thrifty enough to have built up a fund for christmas and won’t have to worry about it. This is my pledge to myself and this blog is helping to keep me determined so I can do it!