Damned with faint praise?

Every year at work we have an appraisal to make sure we have met our targets and are performing well in our roles. I always do the best job I can so I was confident I would have no problems.

As expected my boss handed me an envelope and thanked me for my work and said I was successful in meeting all my targets. All well and good, but almost in the same breath he went on to tell me that I wasn’t a star and there was always room for improvement. This made me chuckle a bit but it also made me consider very carefully the form of words I will use when I am letting the colleagues in my team know their outcomes! If you are telling someone well done I think a pat in the back with no negative asides would be better.

If there is improvement to be made I think that will be a conversation for another time and will take the form of ‘So do you think you can improve your performance even further next year? How?’

imageWords are powerful. They can hurt and do far more damage than sticks and stones. I am confident and resilient enough to take it on the chin, but not everyone is.  I even think the words you use to yourself can be damaging if you allow lots of negative thoughts about yourself to whizz around your head. I am guilty of this myself but also spend a lot of time telling myself that I can achieve things, and that I will get where I need to be. I believe in the power of positive thinking!!