Crochet crazy

I wish I could crochet! A friend at work taught me some basics recently but I have yet to find the time to sit and  paractice. I can knit, although I haven’t done it for years, but crochet always seems so much more interesting and creative. Now that it has become trendy there are so many beautiful things popping up in the internet, in magazines and in real life.  

When we were in Wales a few years ago someone had yarnbombed a while village. It looked amazing, with a crocheted old man looking down over the bridge, crochet bunting everywhere and random objects completely covered such as the phone box, benches and plant pots. The one above was the station sign.  It was great and made everyone smile.

A friend  put this on Facebook recently. I can’t credit it as I have no idea where it came from, but it’s fantastic! Totally impractical of course, but fun!

One day I will find the time and start making amazing things. In the meantime, what about you? Anyone crochet crazy?

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