Creepy Crawlies in the Garden

IMG_0892-0.JPGMr S found this interesting looking spider on his garden wall today. Investigations show that it is a very rare wasp spider, not exactly venomous but capable of biting hard enough to break your skin. Just in time for Halloween! I’m glad he didn’t find it at Shoestring Cottage. I can do spiders if they aren’t too huge. I had one run across my yoga mat in my class last week and I managed to get it into my lesson plan and out of the window without too much fuss. However, that was small and black – I would have thought twice before trying that with this one!

I have sent the photo to the Essex Wildlife Trust as they might be interested.

I have another yoga day tomorrow. I am sure it will be enjoyable but I must find time this weekend to finally make a batch of pumpkin soup and also banana bread as I have some brown ones that need using up in some way.

I will squeeze it all in somehow. Trying not to over do it at the moment as I
have felt so tired since I had the lurgy last week. I think I am still fighting it off. So the house might have to have a ‘lick and a promise’ rather than a proper clean. Needs must!

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