Create a Present Box

If you are anything like me, and definitely if you have children, it is really worth having a present box – an assortment of small gifts for all of the parties they get invited to, something for relative’s birthdays throughout the year, and so on.

This is the perfect time to buy those gifts – there are so many in the sales. I popped into Asda yesterday and they had the following at half price:

gift box 1

I got 5 nice presents for £11, which I was happy with.  They will be good for darling daughter 3, who is 15, and will save me lots of money as she gets invited to loads of parties!

I know some very organised people buy all of their presents for the following Christmas in the sales. This wouldn’t work for me as I buy very little other than for my daughters, and I can’t second guess what their tastes will be by then! If you have lots to buy though, Boots is always really good – some of their gift sets go for around a third of the original price at this time of the year.

I obviously hit Asda at the right time and came out with 5 lots of yellow stickered meat products as well, so we are sorted for a fortnight or so!

Anyone else found any bargains?

0 thoughts on “Create a Present Box

  1. Ali

    Lots of foodie type things for sale in the supermarkets, especially stuff with famous chefs on the labels!!

    Just found your blog today, I’ve enjoyed having a good read through. Looks like we have similar situations although I have 3 boys 😉

  2. Nicola

    I got a few things from boots too, I’m going tomorrow to sales with stepson and DS to see what barga ins the can spend Christmas money on, in fact I’ll be looking for some bargains too with my Christmas money, a new pair of running shoes I think. We’re also off to supermarket and hope to get a few yellow stickers especially as they’ll be closing for a day 🙂

  3. katytrackslife

    Yes, we have a present drawer, in the kitchen of all places, and it’s our go-to for birthdays and christmases. We aren’t quite up to buying all of next year’s gifts in the sales just yet, but I just blogged about buying food at the same sales – it’s a good time to year to keep eyes open.