Courgettes with everything!

  It is that time of year. The courgettes are coming thick and fast and it can be hard to know what to with them. My favourite way to store them is in the freezer as soup. I make buckets of the stuff which makes fantastic frugal lunches. 

I also enjoy them cooked very simply with onions and garlic as a side dish or I make a poor man’s version of ratatouille with no aubergine: chopped and sautéed onions, garlic, a sweet pepper and sliced courgettes with a couple of cans of chopped tomatoes, a stock cube, chopped herbs (fresh or dried), a splash of wine if I have any sitting around and plenty of seasoning.  
 I made ratatouille last week and it was a side dish with some baked chicken and then two days worth of lunches with some rice.
  Courgettes and mushrooms gently sautéed in butter is quick and easy. Looking through my blog, this time last year I tried stuffed courgettes with feta so I shall do that again – the recipe is  here. I made some glutney chutney as well which used onions, tomatoes and courgettes, all from the garden, so some form of courgette chutney is on the cards again this year.
  I have never tried them as courgette cake but I fully intend to this year. I love carrot cake so why not? My courgette recipe book also suggests pickling in the same way as you would cucumbers. Has anyone tried this?

Do you have any gluts of your home grown fruit and veg, and how do you preserve them?

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  1. Definitely try the courgette cake – I never have but I did try adding beetroot to a favourite recipe of mine (a cake with dates and a lovely fudgey topping) and it was better with them than without! More moist.

  2. I make a frugal and fat free courgette and tomato soup, ratatouille, ‘Spanish chicken’ (poor ratatouille with chicken and chilli added 🙂 and chutneys. I also add them grated (usually) or chunked (sometimes) to chilli and Bolognese/ lasagne

    For storing them for use in soups/ chilli/ Bolognese I grate them and freeze them in ziploc bags – takes up hardly any room (soup takes up lots and my freezer space is precious!!) and I just take a bag out when I’m making something up 🙂

  3. I have got lots of courgette recipes as last year we grew far too many, about 150 from several plants! My favourite ways of using them are sauted in olive oil, mixed with tinned tomatoes, cheddar cheese on top and baked. Yum. Also lots of courgette and cheese mini quiches.

  4. Hi, when I used to grow my own courgettes, I grated them a& had plenty all year round to add to dishes. if you grate the courgette & squeeze out the excess juice, then put a couple of handfuls in a sandwich bag & freeze, you will have portions to add to bolognaises, chillies, shepherds pies etc – the kids don’t know it’s there!

  5. Rather a late entry in this category, but I particularly enjoy a sort of savoury muffin made with equal amounts of grated carrot, courgette and cheese. Add the same amount of flour, and a couple of eggs to bind it, pop in muffin tins and bake. The texture is half way between a cheesy scone and a quiche – great for packed lunches and trips, even better just warm from the oven. I am also fond of courgette fritters. Just grate and squeeze in a teatowel to remove as much moisture as possible, add as much batter mix as you need to moisten them and hold them together, then fry in a little oil until golden. You can make an onion bhaji twist by mixing in garam massala, gram flour (if you have it) and any kind of plain yoghurt – greek will need a bit of milk as well – until you have a stiff batter. Fry in about 1cm of oil until well browned and serve with some more yoghurt and a green salad for a cheap lunch or starter.

  6. I’m new to your blog and loving reading back through previous entries. My hubby is gluten free because he is better without it and does miss good bread. I’ve recently baked a courgette bread from Gluten Free on a Shoestring website. Very tasty, better warm and lovely with a soup or lunch. I’ve frozen half as there’s just two of us and I haven’t tried it from the freezer yet. It does have a lot of cheese in it, I don’t know how that will be for your lactose intolerance tho.

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