Could you live in a caravan?

As it draws to a natural close, I have just discovered a most interesting blog. Our Life in a Caravan has documented the life of a man who decided that he was fed up with all his hard earned wages going on rent and bills so he decided to move permanently into his caravan. Not a static caravan, a proper pull it along behind your car job. Reading the comments on the blog, it appears he is not alone! Many people find life a daily challenge financially so have chosen to ditch the expensive house for life on wheels. It is saying something when you work full time to earn your cash and still can’t afford to live.

imageBecause the law doesn’t allow you to live permanently on one caravan site, this has involved him moving after a period elsewhere. He sounds entirely positive about this, saying it is like being on holiday all
the time! However now his life is changing and he has transferred back to life under bricks and tiles.

I can totally relate to his motivations for doing what he did. I too feel like I work very hard and can barely afford to pay my bills, let alone buy any luxuries. However, I would find moving around and living in such a small space a struggle. However if it came to it I would do it – I love the idea of having money left over to enjoy some of life’s more expensive pleasures and not to constantly have one eye on the overdraft!

What do you think? You can find the blog at

0 thoughts on “Could you live in a caravan?

  1. silversewer09

    I have done it before and would do it again if I had to,life is so much easier in a small space.

  2. AuntLeesie

    Don’t think I’d like it, and hope/pray I’ll never have to find out. We have a handful of travel trailer (caravan) parks in my little city. Whole families live in them. With school aged children. Aside from the homeless in our area, they’re the poorest of our residents. It’s very sad. I think I’d feel cramped and depressed. You can barely shower in the tiny bathroom of a trailer; baths are impossible, as there’s no bathtub. All laundry would have to be done at a laundromat. Kitchens are minuscule, so cooking would be much more difficult. There’s no room for food storage. No real storage of any kind. You’re always right on top of whomever you’re living with. I’ve read articles about it, and can see a sort of romanticized idea in it, but realities often bear little resemblance to the fantasy our minds conjure up. It would be a hard life. Harder than the one I’m living, anyway. BUT… I guess some folks love it?

  3. AuntLeesie

    Please forgive me if that sounded like “Negative Nancy”… I didn’t mean for it to. I just see some of our residents who live in caravans meant for camping and they seem to have a tough time of it.

    1. ChickenladyJane Post author

      Don’t worry, I did ask for opinions. I think I could do it in the short term, but not forever. It would be good for a young couple saving for a house maybe.

  4. Sarina

    Lived in a caravan before and also found it quite liberating. As I`m getting older I want more home comforts, so a caravan wouldn`t provide me with that long term.

  5. Anglynn

    There are times life calls for flexibility. I could live in a trailer if I had to. Hopefully I would make the best of the situation. I’m almost positive my goal would be to afford something bigger. If I were living alone then it would be OK long term.

  6. Katie

    My husband and I live in a touring caravan with our dog and two boys aged 2 and 4. We rent out our house travel about. We love it. We do it because we love the outdoor lifestyle, being close to the elements and nature. It’s a choice – not because our finances dictate it – when you move about and are not on a ‘seasonal pitch’, it’s actually not that much cheaper than renting a flat or small house. We are fortunate in that my husband can work from anywhere so long as he has phone and internet coverage so we can literally go anywhere. We enjoy discovering and exploring new places, the children love the outdoor freedom and playing with other children they meet. Some things are harder like emptying the toilet daily but others like cleaning are much easier. As for cooking – it’s amazing how easy it is to cook lovely meals on just one hob and a halogen oven. Storage is about not cluttering the place with non essentials, it’s amazing how little you need to live comfortably. It’s all a trade off. Basically you develop new routines and if you want it to work, you find solutions to all the problems be they midges, frozen water tank or leaking awning – nothing is insurmountable. We have wonderful family experiences together in ever changing surroundings. It costs us about the same to live no matter where we are – whether in the UK or Eurpoe. Personally, I have no desire to move back into bricks and mortar on a permanent basis for any time soon. Maybe i was a Gypsy in a pervious life! Hurrah for caravans!