Clovelly: A little Devon gem

Beautiful Covelly

clovellySix days is really not enough time to get to know this area – there is so much to see and do. We are going home tomorrow though so the packing has commenced!

clovellyWe had another beautiful sunny day today and drove to a little harbour village called Clovelly. We picked up a leaflet promising ‘steep, cobbled streets tumbling down past gleaming white cottages to the tiny, deep blue harbour’. We hadn’t clicked that it was a privately owned place and you had to pay though! It was £7 each but it was worth the price and we were there much of the day.

It was really hilly! A great workout for the leg muscles. We treated ourselves to delicious pasties from one of the cafes for lunch, followed later in the afternoon by a cream tea – well, it was our last day. Back to healthy eating when we get home I think.

clovellyMeeting the donkeys

Mr S and the girls were particularly taken with the resident donkeys. I enjoyed the craft shops and had a nice chat with the owner of a silk and fabric shop who had done a TV programme with Phil Spencer and Kirstie Allsopp and had lots of photos of them on the wall to prove it. He also told us how the community had recently ‘yarn-bombed’ the village to raise money for the local air ambulance. I Googled some images and found these from Louise  @lickle_cottage_life. It looked like a lovely event. I really must learn to crochet! A challenge for the winter months maybe.

clovellySo, back to reality tomorrow. We shall take it in turns to drive back and relieve DD1 of her cat sitting duties.  I hope the weather stays nice so we can rescue the garden from the neglect it has suffered in the last few weeks.

3 thoughts on “Clovelly: A little Devon gem

  1. So glad Devon has come up to snuff, even though I live in S. Devon and not N. Devon … they are so very different they could be two separate counties, the South where the economy is tourism-based (and fishing) and the North, which is farming-based. Lovely photos!
    Margaret P

  2. A few years ago we walked the south west coastal path which goes through Clovelly it was lovely. We did not pay as we came in on an old right of way path.

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