Christmas Creativity!

I have been amazed and impressed at the efforts of all my work colleagues – we have fabulous home made Christmas decorations (made out of old boxes mainly) all around the office. I thought I would share!

It's always the real thing...

It’s always the real thing…

They look so good we are thinking of inviting colleagues from other parts of the building up for a tour – they can make a donation to charity.

We work for the local authority so it goes without saying we have no budget for Christmas decorations. Still, it is amazing what a bit of imagination and creativity can do. I’m going to take some of these ideas home with me 🙂


Sorry they are a bit scattered – I had a fight with WordPress over the layout and, as you can see, I lost!

Boxes and fancy wrapping paper!

Boxes and fancy wrapping paper!

A paper creation

A paper creation


The snowflakes and snowman's head are made out of polystyrene pizza bases

The snowflakes and snowman’s head are made out of polystyrene pizza bases


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  1. Linne

    These are great! I love home-made decorations best, unless it’s the old, old ones we had when I was a kid. I think a tour that raises funds for a charity is also a great idea. I wish you and your fellow workers the best of Christmases! ~ Linne


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