Cheapskate Tuesday 

My Approved Food order arrived yesterday, just in the nick of time as I had run out of cat food. I ordered quite a lot of Felix but also some posh stuff called Encore, which apparently would have cost £8 for 10 sachets. £8!! I find that hard to believe. Anyway it is a treat for the cats and they loved it 😀. I also purchased a huge 1kg tub of Marigold bouillon for a fiver. I make a lot of soup so this will come in very handy. The smaller one in the picture also cost me a fiver from the health food shop so quite a saving.

I love a bargain! Am I very sad to get excited over this stuff?

The caravan in Wales for our summer holiday is booked so I am excited to go again and must give them a plug. If you want a cheap holiday in an amazingly peaceful, environmentally sustainable situation you can’t beat this place. They have a lovely old caravan with a compost toilet and a tiny little campsite if you are hardy enough. Check it out here. Tom and Liza are lovely hosts. Tell them I recommended them 😀.

If you are interested in buying from Approved Food and use my link, I earn a teensy but welcome commission.


7 thoughts on “Cheapskate Tuesday 

  1. About three years ago I was at my daughters house when a delivery arrived. It included a box of …… 48 Fabulous Bakin’ boys’ cupcakes. Given that she is very fitness and healthy eating aware this was something of a surprise. She told me that she bought such things from time to time for her students and that they had cost only £2. Approved Foods, of course! She uses the company quite a lot. I don’t spend enough at a time to make an individual order worthwhile but if she is ordering she lets me know and I add on a few things.
    If you are staying near Machynlleth then the Corris Craft Centre and Dolgoch Falls are lovely to visit, but you probably already know of them. We used to go to the area a lot when the children were small. I’m not sure if the Alternative Technology Centre is still open but that was an interesting place too.

  2. Your holiday sounds wonderful and I’m sure the cat in your life will appreciate the Encore. My cat’s food comes from the vet as prescription, so I don’t have the advantage of reductions or coupons and we don’t have anything like Approved Foods here. I wish we did.

  3. I wish we could get Felix so cheap in Australia! Our cats love it so much we refer to it
    as ” cat crack”!

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