Cheap lunch and doing nothing

Blogging every day? I must be on holiday!

Besutiful Aberdovey

We popped into Morrison’s on our way home from Anglesey Island the day before yesterday for a few provisions. We bought a completely seasonal and almost local meal of Welsh lamb chops, new potatoes and corn on the cob. Delicious! 

I rarely buy lamb as it is expensive, but we always have some when we are in Wales. It’s not as if we eat in fancy restaurants so it is a holiday treat. We also spotted some pasties reduced to 19p each and scotch eggs at 25p for the two. We picked those up for our picnic yesterday and ate them with a flask of coffee on the beach at Aberdovey, my favourite little seaside town in the area. The sun came out and we lay on our towels and snoozed for a bit.
Anglesey was interesting but it was raining quite hard for a lot of the time we were there. We will go back but give ourselves more time to explore. Not this trip though as it was a 2 hour drive. We are trying to unwind so don’t want to rush around too much. 

We have gone further afield in this trip than previously as we have visited most of the nearby attractions several times during our visits. I think maybe we will find accommodation further south next time and explore Pembrokeshire and see some new sites.

Last night we had a trip to the cinema at Tywyn. It is a tiny old fashioned place and cost just £5 a ticket, half what our local Odeon charges! However, it also has a licenced bar so I spent what I saved on the ticket on a glass of prosecco – well I was watching Ab Fab darling so it should really have been a glass of Bolly 😀😀.

I am enjoying having the time and space to do these things but also to do absolutely nothing if the fancy takes me. We are sleeping in late as well – 9 am this morning, which we never do at home. I am a human being this week, not just a human doing!

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