Celebrations and comfort eating

We had a funny sort of a day yesterday, attending a memorial service for an old friend during the day and another friend’s 50th birthday party in the evening.  A celebration of a life well lived followed by a celebration of another life still being lived well. 

The service was sad and poignant but also strangely enjoyable, with lovely photos and stories of a very nice man from all his friends and family. 

The 50th birthday party later was real treat. There was a very nice buffet, a free bar and a fantastic live band. We walked there as we didn’t want to drive to town and got a splendid fireworks display on the way. It was cold though. No party frock and heels for me – I wore my boots! I did drink quite a lot for me and feel shattered today.

It is definitely feeling wintry now, so it is a shame the boiler has started to play up. It keeps switching itself off so we wake up with no heating or hot water. Mr S spends a lot of time up in the loft trying to sort it. The chap who installed it will be round tomorrow to look at it. We are hoping it won’t be too expensive. We don’t need a big bill this close to Christmas!

I have actually finally started my present shopping. I am pretty much unenthusiastic. Some years I have finished by now but this time I can’t get into the swing. I will do a little at a time. I am not someone who actually enjoys shopping! At least I have 6 weeks or so.

I feel exhausted but a bit out of control. Usually I do all my jobs on Saturday but obviously I was out all day yesterday and today I have been too tired  to achieve much. I did managed to do a week’s food shop at Lidl for £35, which was pretty good. I also had to take one of the cats for her vaccinations, which was another £42. I need to rein in my spending as I have had a lot of expenses this month. 

I have made soup today – it is that kind of weather. I feel like comfort eating but not much like cooking! Tonight’s dinner will be simple I think, maybe chicken with chips, then a snuggle under the duvet watching TV. I am enjoying Poldark and not just because the leading man will insist on whipping his top off  😀. I enjoyed Demelza laying him out with a very impressive right hook when he strayed!

Whatever you are up to, keep warm and well. Back soon.

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  1. Ooh, I bought a few extra bags of parsnips at Lidl on Friday so will be making soup with those. We are enjoying keeping warm with the Rayburn, now we have it lit most days; just bought coal to help keep it going through the night.

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