Cat Deterrent

Don’t get me wrong, I love cats! I have two of my own. However, I do not love my neighbour’s cat pooing in my front garden, particularly on the footpath so that it gets trodden all around the lawn and into the house.

In the spirit of frugality, I have been scouring the Internet for a way to keep the cat at bay that won’t cost me anything. Two easy suggestions are vinegar spray ( I have that as I use it it for cleaning) or black pepper, which I have a stash of in the cupboard.

Vera and LolaI am going to clean up the poo and disinfect the path then try both at once to see if I can deter the little blighter. Fortunately my cats won’t be affected by this: my old girl won’t leave the house now until Spring – she is a fair weather cat – and the other one is just a baby so she won’t go out for another month or so anyway.

If anyone has any other helpful and cheap suggestions I will be happy to hear them. I will report back if the vinegar and black pepper works!

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  1. Vicky

    Save all your old used teabags in an old plastic box .. sprikle them with peppermint essential oil … so they soak up the oil … dot these around the garden amongst the plants/in the garden beds … cats hate the smell and stay away .. or thats the theory. The tea bags will just rot away adding goodness to the soil.
    I tried it and it seemed to work .. and of course it wont harm anything/anyone .. just smells nice!
    Best of luck…
    Vicky x

  2. anona mead

    I was told to put a dish of Jeyes fluid down. Local tom is using my car port as his lav. I put the dish down and the little charmer pooped right next to it. I have always had moggums but they never made free with the car port!

    1. chickenladyjane Post author

      Hi Nichola
      What did he do with the bottles? I don’t understand this tip.
      I have chucked a load of black pepper down this morning. Let’s hope their sneezing doesn’t make the cats incontinent!!

  3. Nicola

    Hi, he filled them with water then dotted them on their sides round the garden, think its a reflective thing?? Sorry reading back my last comment it didn’t make much sense at all! Hope the pepper works. Nicola


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