Car wash and a vaguely restful sunday

Well, did I get my day of rest? Nearly!

I had to clean my car. It was filthy but the weather hasn’t been kind enough for car washing and I wasn’t going to pay £15 to get it done at the local hand wash when I could do it myself.

I scrubbed it inside and out – Mr S is in the habit of using it to transport lawn mowers and the like which doesn’t help and it was muddy from all the wet weather. It took over an hour. I washed Mr S’s car as well whilst I was at it, since he was digging over the compost heap and veggie patch.

I did manage a nap in the afternoon though, which was state luxury.

I made a version of A Girl Called Jack’s spaghetti with spinach and mushrooms over the weekend. I added a chicken breast from the freezer to stop the moaning from the resident carnivores. It was very tasty and nutritious and went down well with some Aldi garlic bread. Has anybody tried Jack’s second book? I think it might be worth buying it.

One thought on “Car wash and a vaguely restful sunday

  1. Jane, I don’t even have Jack’s first book! My hubby used to collect cookbooks, so we have many. I’ve gone to just looking up recipes on the Net. Our car needs a good washing. Can I bring it over?

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