Can’t afford a gym membership?

Me neither! I have joined gyms in the past but since I have been working full time I find it hard to find the time to make the best of my membership. 

Along with many people, the start of a new year has made me pledge to get fitter in 2017. I know from experience that I need to find forms of exercise that I can easily fit round the general busyness of life or I won’t keep it up consistently. It also needs to be free! I am on a no spend January and aiming for a low spend life generally to increase my savings.

I am a trained yoga teacher so no excuses not to practice yoga regularly (except for general laziness,  of course!). I love a good walk, as does Mr S, so we just need to get ourselves organised to get out for a nice long one every weekend. That’s the plan. Yoga most days, a good walk every weekend and a few little walks during my lunch break too. Ilona over at Life After Money is running her 1000 mile challenge again. I am not sure I can quite manage that far but I am keeping a tally to see how I get on. Four and a half miles and three yoga sessions so far this year! If you want to join Ilona see here.

An autumn walk

I was listening to the Simon Mayo Show on the radio on the way home from work which featured a fitness expert. She gave tips on using any small amounts of time you have to exercise, such as pulling your tummy in for a count of ten whilst waiting at the traffic lights or clenching your buttocks. I often do my pelvic floor exercises whilst stuck in traffic so will add these to the list! I also always take the stairs rather than the lift at work. 

What do you do to keep fit that is either free or costs very little?

2 thoughts on “Can’t afford a gym membership?

  1. I heard that article, too. Was washing up at the time so gave it a go! I have no excuses not to walk where I live and truly hope to make more of an effort once I have got myself back into the regular afer-xmas routine.

  2. I did Ilona’s challenge last year dragging my husband along too!
    We both completed it and have signed up again this year.
    It was one of the best decisions I’d made for a long time. We felt fitter, both mentally and physically.
    I am too good at finding “good” reasons not to go for a walk so having a specific target was just the goad I needed.
    I can understand that not everyone has the time to do 2.73 miles every day but as Ilona says it’s not a competition so do what you can.

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