Busy Busy! I need more hours in my days

Firstly, I just want to say thanks to Declutterbug for nominating me for the Very Inspiring blog award. I will take a proper look at what I need to do for that over the next few days.

It’s all getting very extraordinarily busy here at Shoestring Cottage. The lovely Italian student we had at the start of the year wants to come back to see us and spend time with DD3, as they became the best of friends during her time with us and have been Face Timing ever since. The trouble is she can only come when the Spanish boy we are expecting this Sunday is still here. She will sleep in with DD3 – as she won’t be a paying guest she doesn’t need her own room.

Then, on the day she leaves us, our Mexican family will be turning up to see if we are suitable hosts to leave their 16 year old with as she studies for her A levels. This will be tricky as I need to work that day so I guess the best thing will be to provide a pre- prepared buffet so we can all get to know each other.

My head is spinning with the number of jobs I would like to get done before they arrive. I would like first impressions to be good! However I am a realist. I won’t manage to redecorate the kitchen but I can make sure the stair carpet is in place, the garden is tidy and and the downstairs loo gets a lick of paint.

Well, you know I hate to be bored and work best to a deadline so hopefully it will all work out.