Budget Dinners Week

Feeling the need for inspiration for budget dinners that are quick and easy to do after work, I have been scouring the internet. A site that I think is pretty impressive for this is allrecipes.co.uk.

Looking promising so far:

Crispy rosemary chicken and chips

Crispy rosemary chicken (made with chicken thighs)
Meatloaf (made with half sausage meat and half beef mince – I will use the cheapie pork sausages from Aldi and remove the skins)
Cheesy cottage pie
Slow cooker butter chicken (made with chicken thighs)
Slow cooker veggie chilli

Slow cooker veggie chilli

I don’t have time for fussy stuff and these all look delicious without being time consuming and fiddly. They are also frugal, nutritious and the sort of food my family will happily eat.

What sites can you recommend? Which recipes do you come back to time and time again?

One thought on “Budget Dinners Week

  1. Roast chicken and pork are staple 1st meals, then I use leftovers for other meals. As long as I’m going to have the oven or stove on anyway, I tend to double the 1st meal. So, if I’ve got extra roast chicken to work with, that usually becomes meal sized chicken salads, or chicken enchilladas… maybe Jambalya or gumbo or stew. All are ready in less than 1/2 hour using leftovers. BUT, I’m feeding 3 adult men in my home. Your gang might not want half a week’s worth of meals of chicken.

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