Budget beauty: George at Asda makeup range

A couple of months ago, I mentioned that I had purchased a few items from the George at Asda make up range. It all looked very promising and great value. Although I go for a fairly subtle look, I wear make up every day and I always enjoy a bit of budget beauty!

Now Asda have very kindly sent me some more items to review. Although I have been given some of the range, these are my own honest opinions.

Cosmic blush, £5

This was one  of the first items that I tried. I am quite pale and think I suit a pink blusher. I really like this and have been using it for two months. There is loads left. It is quite subtle with a shimmery finish.  I have this one on in my photo.

Lightweight matt foundation, £4.50

I found this a bit runny, so thought it wouldn’t provide decent coverage. It is actually pretty good, but doesn’t have the staying power of some foundations I have used before. However, at £4.50 it is a bargain. I use a bit of powder on the top and it does the job.

Blush soft touch blusher stick, pretty in pink

This is a really nice colour, but there isn’t much to it. When I tried to blend it in, it pretty much disappeared. A bit of a disappointment. I know I said I like subtle colours, but I still want my blusher to show! The price of this is £3.

VA VA volumising mascara, £4

This is the best product I tried. I really liked the long thin wand – I can’t bear those big fat ones. Not blessed with the steadiest of hands, I usually end up smudging them or poking myself in the eye. This one is perfect and stays on, so I will buy another when this is finished.  I had previously purchased the Pool Party waterproof mascara at £4. This was OK, but inclined to going lumpy after a month or so of use. The volumising one is better.

Illuminate liquid concealer, £4

I have never used a liquid concealer before, and I like this. Being a pale sort of person, I do tend to get dark shadows under my eyes and found this quite effective. I doesn’t last as long as the solid version, however.

Cover up concealer stick, light, £2

This is cheap and cheerful. It is solid and needs careful blending to stop it sitting in your wrinkles, but it is perfect for the price.

Bronze pearl strobe crayon, £3 and contour crayon, £3

Contouring is an alien concept to me. I have seen all those amazing and complicated videos on Instagram, but I don’t have the time or the inclination! So I got my daughter to try these out for me. She was quite impressed and said they went on easily and blended well. The strobe crayon was used to highlight her eyes and the contour crayon to accentuate her cheekbones. She loves a bit of budget beauty too!

High shine lip gloss, sea horse, £2.50

My daughter is also wearing the high shine sea horse lip gloss in this photo. We both liked this and it was just the type of colour we wear. It was a little sticky, but felt quite moisturising too. It was surprisingly long lasting for a lip gloss.

Gel effect nail varnish, £3 (currently rolled back to £2)

I tried this in Echo. It is rather brown and not really my colour, but it went on well and evenly. I have put a layer of gold glitter on top for Christmas and it looks really nice.

Budget beautyLong lasting nail polish, £2

I was sent a very pale pink  version, milkshake. It went on nicely but needed two coats. I will save this one for summer I think.

Budget beauty bargains

Nothing in this budget beauty range seems to cost more than about a fiver. It is very good quality for the price. If you don’t want to spend a lot on your make up I would recommend a look next time you are in Asda.

You can find more of the range here. Maybe some inexpensive stocking fillers?





7 thoughts on “Budget beauty: George at Asda makeup range

  1. I have never tried the really cheap end of beauty products, Jane, but I expect that if I were to be sent some to try out, then like you I’d do so. I don’t like anything shiny, so anything glossy on my lips would be a no-no, I always think that it looks like you’ve eaten something or drunk something and the residue is still there , ha ha, but fashion obviously decrees otherwise. I’ve tried concealer (YSL Touche-Whatsit) but it’s just like a an extra-thick foundation and doesn’t work for me; no doubt my wrinkles are like Cheddar Gorge and need tubes of the stuff!
    The only thing I would ask, Jane, regarding these products you have tried: are they tested on animals? I do not support companies that test on animals. I mightn’t be vegetarian but I don’t believe in putting them through the beauty product testing mill .
    Some cheap products are excellent. I use a inexpensive Rimmel face powder just to eliminate shine and it doesn’t make me look like a flowered bun, otherwise I use medium-priced products. With expensive products we pay for packaging, advertising and cache: a Dior or Chanel product on our dressing table might look better, but it doesn’t mean that it is better.
    Margaraet P

    • Asda don’t test makeup on animals at all, thankfully. With makeup I don’t think you get proportionately better quality the more you pay. You are mostly paying for expensive marketing campaigns and packaging

  2. My beauty is well budget! I only apply mascara 2-3 times a week and only buy a £2-£3 tube once every 2-3 years!! 😀 😀

    • Ha! Just remembered I still have a concealer stick (bit like a lip-salve stick) still going strong since the 1980s!! 😮

  3. My make- up is budget, too. I have a Clinique all in one foundation which I can count on the fingers of one hand I have used in the last three years and probably longer. I wear white eyeliner a couple of times a week one of which I buy every year or so. I think the last time I wore foundation was…well I really can’t remember, some time last year? I always put moisturiser on in the morning and normally remember to put it on at night. My Loreal day cream was bought with Birthday money and the night cream came from Aldi.

  4. I agree with you and Margaret, Jane: make-up and skin care that has not been tested on animals. I am a tad envious of being able to buy cheap yet good make-up. Not tested on animals often seems to be a bit designery, here in nz, which ups the price.

  5. The oils in make up mean that it can go rancid if kept too long. Also bacteria builds up on product applied directly to the skin such as concealer. I clean my brushes weekly in Micellar water. I’m not bothered about branding for branding’s sake although I buy Bare Minerals or Benecos because I like them. But my key concern when buying make up or other cosmetic items is whether it contains parabens, SLSs, Phylates etc.

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