Bring out the slow cooker

I haven’t used my slow cooker that much recently, although I really should. Even in summer you can cook a nice ratatouille in it.

imageI was very short of time the other day. I knew I would be late back from work, I really didn’t have time to prepare anything in advance and I had a whole chicken. I couldn’t roast it in the oven when I got home as we didn’t want to be eating at bedtime, and I didn’t have time before work to start jointing it and chopping veg to make a casserole. In the end I chucked it into the slow cooker whole with some white wine, chopped carrot and onion, and a bit of stock. DD3 did some mash and veg when she got back from school and it was marvellous, melt in the mouth and flavoursome.

The remaining chicken made a delicious curry last night, warmed through with a jar of sauce from Approved Food and served with brown rice. This is what  need when you work full time: quick, cheap and healthy!

Do you use your slow cooker? What do you use it for?

8 thoughts on “Bring out the slow cooker

  1. I mostly use mine for beef now, to get it really tender.
    I used to do “roast” beef but haven’t been very happy with the quality of the joints lately, so have been using diced to make casseroles instead.
    This weeks was a particular success – sliced onions, diced potato, baby carrots, diced beef, sprinkling of caraway seeds, pepper, splash of red wine, 2 stock cubes and a packet of beef casserole mix. The only thing I did differently (which I think finished it off) was that I added some cornstarch about 1/2 hour before the end, which thickened up the sauce nicely.

    I also went through a phase of making chocolate cake in it many years ago! 😀

  2. I use mine regularly. Sometimes I will plan a slow cooker meal and have everything ready for it. But quite often, I’m throwing something in at the last minute (frozen chicken breasts typically) and it always works out perfectly.

  3. Recently discovered slow cooker lasagne – yum! Oil pot first, layer as usual but using all raw ingredients – you can brown the top under grill or with blow torch when done if fussy – I just top with cheap dried Parmesan.

  4. Used here most weeks…large piece of brisket with carrots, onions, garlic and celery, stock and a dash of red wine…lentil curry (less than 40p per portion and delicious)…chicken casserole. It’s so useful!

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