Bring on the woodburner!

Thanks for all the comments yesterday. Food for thought to get my electricity bill down.

It was very very cold this morning in DD1’s room.  Luckily she was tucked up under a bunch of blankets!

I love it when Mr S goes all creative! We have bought a woodburner and he is planning the work needed to fit it. He has done a before and after mock up. Here is what the closed fireplace looks like now, with the cat watching her favourite wildlife programme:

imageAnd this is what he is planning to do, with a big wooden shelf above it to protect the TV:

imageHe will do most of the work, but we will get a expert in to sort the chimney flu and do the actual fitting.

He has been hacking lumps off our neighbour’s trees – she doesn’t mind as she is 90 and now housebound – as they take over and block all the light otherwise.  So today has been a good day for a bonfire. Shame I am stuck in the office!


3 thoughts on “Bring on the woodburner!

  1. Too bad you don’t live near my daughter. She had a big oak tree fall down in her yard, not near the house thank heaven. But there will be lots of wood. I think you will be really happy with the wood burner. Good luck with the electric bills.

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