Bring Back the Sunshine…

I’m sure I’m not alone in wishing the relentless dreary, dark and wet weather would give way to a bit of sunshine. Mr Shoestring must be feeling the same as he just texted me a load of pictures of the garden last Spring, including the one below.

digginIt made me long to get out in the garden!! Still, I have plenty to do indoors for now. My next project in the 52 projects series will hopefully be to paint my bedroom, so I need to be super organised this week and make sure I have enough time to get it done at the weekend.

I am determined to up my fitness still, and this week I have taught my yoga class (and joined in!) and been to the gym. I did kind of ruin this by eating half a bar of Aldi’s Hazelnut Heaven. My favourite and only 69p! It would be a shame to waste it and I will need the energy 🙂