Bounce-back-ability! Getting back up when you fall

imageI finally got round to sorting Mr S’s grapevine out yesterday. It hasn’t done anything for the past two years since he planted it but this year it has suddenly gone wild and had fallen off its supports. I picked it up and tied it to the trellis yesterday, and was staggered to find it full of grapes! I’m not sure how tasty they will be as they are tiny and barely ripening, but I am thinking maybe stuffed vine leaves…

I had a bit of a blow yesterday. My long term student, who had planned to come from Mexico to do her A levels at my daughter’s school, didn’t get her predicted grades by a fraction and the school won’t take her. She is understandably disappointed but so am I! Having her was part of my long term strategy for managing my finances. There may be a few other short term language students this year, but I really need regular extra income. As I say, a bit of a blow, but we will manage somehow – we always do.

imageThe first thing I will do is go through my finances with a fine toothed comb to see where I can save money. I had relaxed a bit with my spending in anticipation of the student income but now I need to draw back and live as simply and cheaply as I possibly can. I will also sign up with other agencies as some require host families for a term at a time and place them in January as well as September.

As the great Nelson Mandela once said, “The greatest glory of living lies not in never falling but in rising every time you fall.” He should know. Time to plan my bounce back!

4 thoughts on “Bounce-back-ability! Getting back up when you fall

  1. You have a terrific attitude, and it *will* all work out. Just think of how well you’ve already done!

  2. Hope you’re hanging in there… your home looks fabulous and is ready to go when the “just right” student (or students) come along. Is there a way for you to offer your place for travelers? Not quite a formal, B&B, but something like that? Our elderly neighbors here have done that in the past when hotels were filled up. They charged $50 per night for a room plus two light meals for a couple. They had a friend from England who came every year for about a week… with or without his wife.

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