Boot Sale Booty – a successful Sunday

Boot sale booty

Boot sale booty

Sunday’s boot sale booty

I had a great weekend. The mad weather desisted and remembered it was summer, which helped. We spent a lovely day at Wrabfest on Saturday with two of my three daughters.  On Sunday we dragged ourselves out of bed at 5 am to help my other daughter do a bootsale. She had quite a bit to sell and I also got some great boot sale booty to resell!

I didn’t mind the early start, as once I had helped her set up I could get round quite a lot of stalls to see what was on offer. I didn’t get any boot sale booty for myself but I found a whole load of clothes to list on eBay.

One of my bargains was an absolutely gorgeous long silk Monsoon evening dress that I would have kept for myself if I ever needed a posh frock! I found lots of good high street names, brand new with tags,, some as-new Skechers trainers and a beautiful dress from Coast. Most cost me £1 or £2. The Monsoon one was £4.

I don’t know why people don’t sell such items themselves for more money on eBay, but they have the choice. I don’t feel bad for making a little profit and supplementing my bank balance this way.

I continue to find this a useful source of extra income, although July was quieter than previous months. I think that is a summer thing and hopefully it will start to pick up as we move into autumn.


This little festival in Wrabness was a lot of fun. Here was some great music from talented bands – no one famous but excellent all the same. There were activities for the kids, lovely foodstalls, all kinds of retailers and a bar. This got very busy in the evening. If they run it again I hope they have a second  bar and more loos!

It is run completely by volunteers from the village and was a very impressive community event.  I think it must be lovely to live in a place where there is lots going on and a real community vibe.

SHOMOs – still after your votes

I have mentioned before that I have been nominated for the SHOMOs UK Money Bloggers Awards next month. I am really excited to go and meet lots of other bloggers. My nomination is for the frugal and thrift category. You can’t vote for me in that as it is judged, but you can vote in the People’s Choice awards. If you are interested, go to this page on the UK Money Bloggers website. I will be hugely grateful to get a few votes at least.

How was your weekend? Anybody else been hunting for some boot sale bounty?


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12 thoughts on “Boot Sale Booty – a successful Sunday

  1. Yes I had a good morning at the first car boot I’ve visited this year.managed to get some vintage linen,curtains and a Victorian Crochet linen bodice,plus hand towels. Love a car boot should go more.

  2. We have yard and garage sales, here. Estate sales are rare but usually better than the others. Auctions are nice, too. I like a good bargain. I sell on eBay, as well. All the little bits add up, don’t they? I focus more on vintage odds and ends with the occasional shirt thrown in. I do have several pairs of like new shoes/boots for sale. Good luck with all your fabulous finds!

  3. My daughter has a part time job with Monsoon and it’s been a real eye-opener! Apparently people carry pliers these days in order to remove the security tags whilst in the changing room! 😮 😮
    Every time I read about the brand new, still tagged, expensive items you’ve found at car boot sales it now makes me wonder if it’s been nicked. 🙁

    • I have never thought that. Think they would sell online themselves for more money if that was the case. I just think people buy too many clothes and have more money than Sense!

  4. Take it is the black flowers dress that is monsoon!. Love it!.What size is it?.I.m 14/16. Love it!. How much do you want?.

  5. Congratulations on being selected for the SHOMOs UK Money Bloggers Awards, you really deserve it. I have just voted for you as well 🙂

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