Boot Sale Bargains!

We timed things perfectly this morning, getting to our local boot sale for 8 am whilst the sun was shining and leaving at 10.15 just as the heavens were thinking of opening. There were fewer ‘proper’ sellers (i.e. not traders) there than I expected, probably because they had seen the weather forecast! I was very happy with my bargains – I picked up 4 really nice tops, a sun dress, a cardigan and a pair of leather pumps for £8, plus a nice jumper for darling daughter no 3. She and DD1 also came away with some very low cost items of clothing and even some makeup. Once you have paid these prices, it is hard to buy new.

If I had been more organised, I would have held off buying my fruit and veg in Aldi this week and got it at the sale. The produce looked really nice quality and was so cheap! As it was, I got two cauliflowers for £1 and we are eating one with lunch and I will make a cauliflower cheese with the other in the week.

imageIt is currently raining cats and dogs here in Essex, but the house is filled with the delicious smells of a roast dinner cooking and we plan to cosy up and watch a film later and just chillax, as the girls would say :-).

imageWe had a busy day yesterday, which is why I didn’t manage a blog post. We managed to get in the garden and sew a lot of the vegetable seeds, and also some flowers – sweet peas, hollyhocks, aubretia as well as the cosmos seedlings, which I had to pot on. We bought a tray of geranium plugs too, so potted those out individually to make a nice summer display, and found some bargain clematis plants to grow up Mr Shoestring’s shed. I was hoping for more nice weather this bank holiday weekend to get more done, but maybe tomorrow….

imageI also managed to make an Easter cake, which we are looking forward to having as dessert after our roast. Today is definitely not a low calorie day 🙂

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  1. AuntLeesie

    Happy Easter! Your garden looks lovely, and I’m sure will be gorgeous when the new plants fill in. What a nice start to spring and summer. 🙂


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