Books for Nothing

I have always had a library card, ever since I could read. My parents always took us when we were small, and when we were old enough we took ourselves. I read a lot when I was younger and always had several books on the go, and when I was a student the library was a valuable resource.

In those days it seemed that everyone used the library. I took my own children even before they could read. Our local library ran – and still does – story time sessions for toddlers which they loved.

Nowadays you can order books on line, or if you have no computer you can book one to use for free at the library. Most have photocopiers and fax machines that you can use for a small charge.  You can rent DVDs and audiobooks and even borrow e-books. The mobile libraries take books to more remote areas and volunteers deliver them to the house bound. You can usually go into the library and read the newspapers for free , and larger branches often run computer courses.

You might have guessed by now that I am a big fan of the library service – what’s not to love?  I am amazed by the number of people I come across who don’t use this service, and don’t even have a library card. For money savers such as myself it is invaluable. I can try out books to see if I like them before buying them for a start, their films rent by the week and are cheaper to hire than the DVD shop and I regularly order books on line that are ordered in for me and delivered to the library of my choice. What a fantastic service!

If you have no money then use your library.  Take the kids there on a rainy day and sit and read with them; use their newspapers and computers to job hunt; see if they run any courses to help you learn new skills.

In these austere times, when local authorities are looking to save money wherever they can the libraries could be an easy target, so appreciate how lucky we are to have such a great service – use it or lose it!