Boiled ham in parsley sauce, 62p a portion

hamFor a change, instead of roast chicken on Sunday, I bought what looked like a tiny joint of ham for £2.99 from Aldi, and boiled it up with some bouquet garni and whole black peppercorns for an hour. Amazingly, this made 5 meals; 2 for me and Mr Shoestring on Sunday, and 3 more last night for me and the girls. We had it with parsley sauce – I bought 10 for £1 from Approved Foods a while ago and used two over the two nights. It was delicious served with creamy mashed potatoes and veggies.

I have saved and frozen the ham stock – this is far too good to tip away. I still have some leeks in the garden and plan to use the last of them to make some leek and potato soup, so I will use the stock for that.

I also used some more of the apples I was given – some of them have been sitting in my fridge for almost three months but they had kept brilliantly. We had them stewed with a bit of brown sugar and mixed spice with custard. Simple, cheap but delicious and it went down a treat.