Frugal DIY (Blood, sweat and tears)

We are getting there with our frugal DIY efforts. You wouldn’t believe the amount of work that went into making this:

…look like this:

Just a plain little cream room. It looks as if we have simply applied a bit of paint when in fact we had to sort the electrics, rip off and replace the skirting boards, pull off the old paper , paint the woodwork and ceiling and, the bit that took all the time, put up the thermal lining paper. The best part was painting the walls at the end!

We have managed to do this on a tiny budget – we are great at frugal DIY!

I need to get the curtains and thermal linings and some suitable curtain poles. Mr S will put these up and the shelves will go back on the walls. Then we can advertise for the lodger.

This is what the cats did to the last lot of wallpaper. If this happens again I swear I will cry! We are going to put some plastic panels on the walls to protect them, and in the meantime have piled some paint pots against the corners they like to scratch.

We still haven’t finished the toilet. We thought we would and could have done it today but we really needed a day out before going back to work tomorrow. Will report back on that!

I hope you had a lovely bank holiday if you are in England – although you may have been doing your own frugal DIY. Back to reality and work tomorrow 😀.

4 thoughts on “Frugal DIY (Blood, sweat and tears)

  1. You can certainly see all the hard work you and Mr. S. put into the room. It may sound a dumb question, but do you have a large, sturdy scratching post for the cats? Our neutered, large male (rescue) cat was able to be trained to use a scratching post by putting a little cat nip scent on it *and* using a water bottle to spray him when he scratched on anything else he wasn’t supposed to scratch on. It took only a short time before he started running when he saw me reach into the cabinet for the spray bottle, but I think having the catnip smell on the dedicated post helped, too. Can you keep the door to that room closed to keep the cats out during the day while you’re at work? I imagine any lodger will also keep the door closed much of the time for privacy. Hoping you find a good lodger that works out well for everyone!

  2. You’ve done so well with the room, I hope you have rewarded yourself with a glass of something chilled this evening! I love cats, I have one myself, but they can be so destructive…. lucky for them that we love them so much!

  3. I think the plastic panels should protect the wallpaper. Cats hate to claw anything slippery.

    The room looks absolutely lovely. Good luck, and I hope you find a wonderful lodger.

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