Need to make extra cash? Great blogs to help you earn more money.

Money making boot camp: Emma Drew Info

I am on the lookout for more ideas to earn more money at the moment. I already sell on eBay, have a lodger and do any little bits of over time that might be available at work. This is all great and keeps the wolf from the door, but I would love a big chunk of cash as there are various things that I am slowly saving for. I want to speed things up!

With this in mind, I have signed up to Emma Drew’s money making boot camp. If you haven’t come across her blog or You Tube channel yet, Emma is a hugely successful blogger. She actually blogs full time, something I would love to do! You can sign up for the course here.

Katy Kicker

Another blog I find a good source of information and inspiration to help you earn more money is Katy Kicker.  She is a mum and full time blogger, and her blog is a lovely mix of family snippets, recipes and hard hitting articles on making money from home. She makes cash from matched betting and doing online surveys, among other ideas.

The Money Shed

Another very authoritative site, which includes a blog and forum, is The Money Shed. This site is another big fan of matched betting. There is also some good information on mystery shopping, online surveys and, something I have never some across before, web search evaluating. I really liked the article Earning Money from Home when you are Housebound, as I think a lot of people will find this so helpful.

The MIni Millionaire

Cora Harrison gave up the corporate world to blog full time at the Mini Millionaire. She writes about freelancing, eBay reselling, selling Lego (yes, really!) and blogging. She is also a competitions geek and has won thousands of pounds worth of prizes. This site is so clean, clear and well-designed.

From Pennies to Pounds

If you want to earn more money, check out Francesca Mason. Although she is a relatively new blogger, the lovely Francesca has already worked out how to make money from sponsored posts and affiliate advertising income. She is also into matched betting and makes extra cash from dog boarding and taking in lodgers.  From Pennies to Pounds is such a pretty site too!

There are so many others! I will have to come back to them. In the meantime, maybe some of the above will inspire you if you need to make a little extra. Which blogs do you recommend?


4 thoughts on “Need to make extra cash? Great blogs to help you earn more money.

  1. Have you thought of offering articles to magazines? I know the market is difficult to enter, especially since the financial crash of 2008 so that now most magazines rely more on writing everything (or almost everything) in-house, but there might be an opportunity with some mags for a bit of frugal-based writing? Just a thought.
    The best way with magazine writing is to go into one of the large newsagents where there are hundreds of titles and seek out those which appeal to you, the kind you think you might be able to write for. Have a look at the contents page, see which pieces have been written by in-house staff and which by free lances, even pages which have been given over to regular columnists. Then pitch ideas (or an idea) to the Editor or Features’ Editor, something topical or with a forthcoming anniversary in mind – magazines love to peg articles to anniversaries – or pitched towards a season (now is the time to consider frugal tips for Christmas!) It might tske a bit of time and effort looking through the various magazines and then considering what you could write about, but it could be a nice little earner. And don’t discount the weekly broadsheets, either. They have several sections and they have to fill 52 of them a year. And consider online magazines, too.
    Margaret P

    • Great idea! I did write some articles on yoga a few years ago so I guess I could look at that again. I also used to sub-edit and proof read magazines years ago so I kind of know the industry a bit. My big problem is always a lack of time!

  2. Oooh, the world of matched betting is a risky one I have heard. I have completed online surveys for years, on and off, but only ever manage to make loose change – ratio of ‘time-spent to income’ was ridiculous and i think probably worked out at <1p per hour!

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